I am now on to the next phase of the cleanse. I had an oatmeal cookie and realized that like my blood type said, oatmeal is not for me. My stomach was rebelling and letting me know that this was unacceptable. So, today, I tried some plain Greek yogurt in my morning smoothie and so far so good. I’m feeling fantastic. I’ve lost 12 lbs and 10 inches. I’m redoing my workouts to maximize every minute. Thanks so very much for this. I’m enjoying every moment and am asking in prayer that many lives will continue to be touched and changed as a result of your ministry.

Carol Bailey

When Angie told me about her latest endeavor, I was immediately interested and told her that I wanted to be the first to go through the program. You see, I have been struggling with old habits and excuses for the lack of success in my weight loss and positive body image for some time now. So I eagerly began the process ‐ waiting for the ‘secret’ to be revealed. After a wonderful intake session and two more meetings, I began to become impatient with the delay in having the ‘secret’ revealed. I answered all the questions, and was paying attention ‐ but did not feel like the illusive information was being conveyed to me. Then in an instant one day last week, I realized that the ‘secret’ was already inside of me!! Now, I look forward to my time with her as we probe to reveal my inner thoughts and feelings in relationship to food and overall health. Now I am starting to learn how to be aware of my thoughts and feelings and purposely going about my day with meals and preparation. I have and continue to gain a greater insight into my own thoughts and activities and am gaining a better understanding of the things I do consciously and subconsciously.

Beverly Marshall‐Luney

After reading your book, I wanted to say this has changed my life. I was so down and depressed. Reading this book and having my time with God has helped me so very much. Thank you!

Ivellisse Santiago

As I began to prep for this 14 day cleanse, I thought of how many times I’ve started & stopped different weight loss programs. I don’t think I set appropriate goals & probably gave up too quickly, or wasn’t challenged quite right. This cleanse offered more than short term goals. It offered me the opportunity to look even deeper within myself – into my spiritual side.  One really shouldn’t have a plan nor goal without asking God for guidance and help. This plan offered the daily devotional which is so utterly important when starting anything new on a daily basis. As I started this cleanse, I asked God to help me hold my will power & keep my determination in check. We all want to look good and feel good. My reasons for having participated in this cleanse were strictly personal.  I have to say, I’m pleased with the outcome and that I’ve discovered new things!  I also noticed how others around me truly watch my actions. The invitation to participate in this cleanse was a gift certificate ~ open ended for the rest of my life! I can choose to use it at any time, and for any amount.  The following I’ve bullet pointed to keep the things I love about this cleanse short yet important:


  • Food
    • Hot teas (I was a coffee lover – nothing else would do in the morning)
    • Rice cereal
    • Rice pasta
    • Red quinoa (aka – funny rice)
  • Self  
    • I found myself to be more resilient
    • I have handled stress better
    • Sleep came so easily – waking up refreshed and ready to start each day!
  • Hunger
    • Managed my hunger by following the “no eating after 7p” rule. Difficult at times, but mostly followed this to a “T”.  I’ve incorporated this in my life as a new rule of thumb.
    • I did not allow myself to be hungry during the day by following the hunger thermometer. Always keeping a healthy snack close by can assist with this.
  • Body brushing
    • This has to be the most amazing discovery of all during this cleanse. I’ve also incorporated this into my everyday life.
  • Meal Planning
    • Lots of preparing must be done especially one works full time.  Shopping at the local farmers’ market has been a joy & experience! All organic goods and fresh vegetables on a weekly basis.
  • Devotionals & Daily Affirmations
    • What a huge part of this cleanse! I was able to talk myself into most things I didn’t know I would like with the daily affirmations. Obviously, as I’ve already stated, the daily devotions are a must when trying something new in your life. Asking God to guide you through the unknowns & give you the willingness to try the new things He can provide in life!

Joyce Polk Boudreau