1. Excellent presentation of life with it’s ups and downs. God’s plan often emerges amid chaos and pain. His purpose is stronger than any adversity. So blessed by your testimony. It gives strength to others traveling along this path of life!

  2. I can truly visualize you with arms wide open, and your beautiful smile. Praying always peace, and the joy of the Lord be with you. That he will open up the heavens and pour out his blessings on you. It takes a strong women, and yes you are strong, to be an open book like you’ve been. You will always have a special place in my heart. Love ya!!!

  3. So proud of you! When Dad and I prayed, God gave us the best!

  4. I love this and celebrate your next chapter. Thanks for being there “virtually” for so many of us. I’m cheering you on with a ton o’ love and prayers❣️🙏🏾❣️

  5. I love this line, “I am a much better version of the woman God intended.” That is what you are helping me become and I am grateful. I have been very blessed with the blessing of YOU that God sent to my life to help me make the changes I need to AND to get to know the you that you are – a beautiful woman of God!

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