Preparing Your Mental Health GO Bag: n1peace Series

"As I prepared my notes for an upcoming event, this book took on a life of its own. I recognized I had been applying the principles I share here for many years and had become so comfortable in my routine that I didn’t notice until I sat down to reflect.

The firsthand knowledge of the success these applications provide is priceless. It didn’t happen overnight. The process was intense, challenging and yet rewarding. I am confident you will receive the same benefits by applying them in your own personal life. I call them my Mental Health GO Bag, because all you need is the willingness to pull from within yourself these tips for success.

You will notice I confess to having a Ph. D. that I like to refer as my own Personal Hell Discovery. At times, I felt like I was in a literal hell, but these principles helped me find balance.

I truly believe the ideas in your GO Bag will provide you with balance and peace as you continue your pursuit toward living a life of wholeness."

Angela Doggett, Founder
Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach

30 Day Devotional: How to Live From the Inside Out: n1peace Series

You are not as far as you might think from the life of your dreams. If one decision has brought pain, then one decision can become the catalyst to bring you back to joy and happiness.

Learning to live from the INSIDE OUT is a golden key out of pain and chaos. INSIDE OUT living can bring healing, restoration, strength and confidence to move forward through adversity, and into a life of fulfillment.

In this book, Angela shares information that moved her through the most painful of life experiences. INSIDE OUT living became the path of strength, and confidence needed to be whole in this day of fragmented living.

Wholeness is the result of aligning each part of life, beginning on the inside and working outward. The reader of INSIDE OUT will discover keys to small daily adjustments in each part of life, that add up to a beautiful life makeover.

In thirty days, encouragement for the heart, mind, and physical body can produce a balanced life of wholeness.